Cobb Bar: History

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The Cobb County judicial circuit was founded in 1953. Cobb coyote belonged to the Cherokee Circuit and Coweta circuit in the mid-1800s.

In 1851 the Blue Ridge Circuit came into being and this encompassed Cobb County, in addition to 10 other counties. Marietta was home to 18 lawyers at this time. There was a rotating judge, who held court for one week at a time in each of the counties. Many lawyers accompanied the church to assist in his work. At this time, all were men, and these men socialized together after hours.

The number of lawyers in the area at this time was not such as to warrant a club or social organization for this purpose.

In any case, many lawyers at this time spent so much time on the road, it did not lend itself to socializing in a central location. As the 20th century progressed, roads and infrastructure improved, in particular the railroads. The state bar of Georgia was founded in 1963, taking the place of the Georgia bar association.

Indeed, the Blue Ridge area did not have its own bar association until 1946.

When the Cobb County Circuit Bar Association was founded, membership cost $10, with new lawyers paying only half.

The purpose of the association was to maintain relationships between members, to look at for their welfare, and to preserve the dignity of the profession.

With time, the emphasis of the association has changed, with less attention being given to disciplinary matters and more to relationships and civic issues. The Association is supportive of various charitable and educational projects in the County.

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